We care about the envionment!


Fitting used parts is one of the best forms of recycling. Sure you can crush a part and melt it down. But all the resources that went into making that part in the first place will always be wasted.

We operate under a simple principle “If it can be reused then it should be. If it can’t only then should it be returned to to its constituent parts (recycled)”

When vehicles come to our facility they go on a special journey. 

They are assessed and all the parts that can be used again are removed.

All the consumables such as oils and fluids are properly removed and the vehicle depolluted.

The parts are logged on to our system and stored ready for dispatch.

Looking to the future

We continue to invest in improving our recycling methods to make sure we remain at the forefront of vehicle recycling.

We aim to exceed the required legislation and continually strive to go that bit further.

Our team is constantly looking at developing new ideas and improvements for managing “end of life vehicles” in relation to recycling industry. We aim to recycle over 80% of each car and working towards a target 95%

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