We've been around for over 20 years so we know a thing or two about used parts.


When it comes to used parts we know exactly what you need. The differences between each make and model, what will fit what car and whether the parts we supply are right for you.

It’s all about experience and the expertise that we’ve acquired over the years.

Salvage is what it used to be called, but that’s only part of what we do. Recycling is really what we do. 1,000’s of cars are scrapped every week and that means that perfect working parts are also being lost. To us that’s a waste so we work hard to ensure that it doesn’t happen.

Genuine parts are big business for the car manufacturers and they charge a premium for their product. A lot of people choose to use copy parts due to the cost being prohibitive. But there is a third option “used genuine parts” Often the parts have very little use so it’s a win win situation. You get the right part that you know will fit exactly, parts are not wasted and that’s good for the environment.
We call this a "Genuine alternative"

A dedicated and skilled team.

We’ve built a team of skilled technicians that appreciate the value of used parts and have the expertise to ensure that we supply only the best. To them scrapping a perfectly good engine is a crime. So they carefully remove, catalogue and store it ready for when it’s needed.

Our custom built management system logs all our parts and prices and can provide you with an instant quote for whatever you need.

Our technical team are on hand to advise on the best parts and price for you. They’ll advise on what’s right and give a detailed breakdown on the costs involved.

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Expert advice

Skilled technicians

Skilled Technicians


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